145 lat firmy Befaszczot_aktualności_ang

145 years of Befaszczot in Bielsko-Biala

2021 marks the 145-year anniversary of the founding of the brush factory in Biała near Bielsko by the Sennewaldt brothers, called “Gebruder Sennewaldt”. We are the oldest manufacturing plant in Bielsko-Biała continuously making the same products. It is now the 6th generation which is working on achieving the goals of our founders!

Mural na ścianie firmy Befaszczot

Befaszczot’s Headquarters with a New Mural

Befaszczot makes one of its buildings’ walls available! As part of the “Air Knows No Boundaries” project, a mural is being created on the wall, showing a tree in the form of a lung blended into the Beskid landscape.