Favorite – the choice inspired by quality

The main areas of Befaszczot’s activities, a wide range of products, sustainable production and extremely high quality standards also define the offer of our own Favorite brand. The name itself demands quality, as the products with this brand mark belonged to the customers’ “favourites” already in the 1920s. Today, they are equally well received: Favorite products contribute to the well-being of our customers every day by accompanying them in their daily activities.

Favorite brand

The Favorite brand includes 6 product lines:

  • Favorite Paint: paint brushes, rollers, tools
  • Favorite Wellness: body wash and massage, hand and nail, beard, and hair brushes
  • Favorite Housework: household brushes and brooms
  • Favorite Clothes: clothes and hat brushes
  • Favorite Shoes: shoe brushes
  • Favorite Pets: pet brushes
Although a lot has changed in the brand’s activities, the standards set at the start remain unchanged: the users of Favorite products are provided with the guarantee of their functionality and durability due to carefully selected materials and excellent workmanship precision. Shank profile, bristle texture, assembly technique… Every element of the Favorite brand’s offer has been repeatedly tested and manufactured under the supervision of experienced specialists.

Favorite – environmentally-aware brand

We look at the future and face the challenges of the present times: being aware of the importance of the state of the environment for the living conditions of present and future generations, we are conducting our activities in accordance with the sustainable development strategy. The whole range of the Favorite products is manufactured in the Befaszczot factory based in Poland using processes optimised in terms of raw material consumption. As much as 95% of the Favorite brushes are made of natural raw materials: vegetable (coconut, tampico) fibres, horse hair, goat hair, bristles and wooden holders. FSC-certified wood, that is acquired without damaging the ecosystem, accounts in total for 40% of the materials used.

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