Podziękowanie dla Befaszczot

Befaszczot Supports Local Pro-Environmental Initiatives

Care for the natural environment and support for pro-environmental behaviour are important aspects of the company’s sustainable development policy which is implemented by Befaszczot. We regularly support municipal initiatives that serve this purpose!

Befaszczot in the „Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate” Campaign

The Befaszczot team actively participated in the 11th edition of the „Bielsko-Biała Protects the Climate” educational campaign, which is regularly organised by the Department of Environmental Protection and Energy of the Bielsko-Biała City Council. One of the elements of the campaign was the recently concluded „Respect Energy, Protect the Climate” competition, intended for school children and teenagers.

We are very pleased that we were able to contribute to the organisation of the competition – Befaszczot donated several hundred wooden art brushes for the workshops which were organized as part of the event, and the members of our team also supported the organisers with their substantive knowledge. Befaszczot’s involvement was appreciated and awarded with an official thank you from the city authorities, signed personally by Bielsko-Biała’s mayor Jarosław Klimaszewski.

Befaszczot Brushes Made with FSC® Certified Wood

The timber used in the manufacture of the handles of our art brushes and other wooden brushes has been FSC® certified, which confirms that the raw material is obtained from forest areas that are cultivated and operated in a sustainable way. The certificate confirms the legality of the source from which the timber comes, as well as compliance with FSC® standards at every stage of its acquisition and distribution. For our clients, it is a guarantee of the ethical and responsible purchases that they make by choosing Befaszczot products.