145 years

In 2021, 145 years have passed since brothers Albert and Erich Sennewaldt founded the Brush Factory in Biała near Bielsko, called “Gebruder Sennewaldt”. We are extremely proud that despite the passage of so many years and different fate of the factory or the inhabitants of Bielsko and Biała, we continue the legacy of our predecessors. Often, while walking through the premises of the factory, we appreciate the craftsmanship, knowledge and commitment of employees who laid the foundations for the present appearance and technological advancement of the factory. To this day, we use technical drawings of brushes created in the 1930s. Already the 6th generation is realizing goals so deeply rooted in our mentality, and written in the sentence by Albert Sennewaltdt: Goods without objection – careful execution – low prices. This year also marks 45 years since the factory started employing people with disabilities. Some of these workers work in the factory to this day. Our goal is to help people with disabilities or diseases from our city and its vicinity through employment and vocational rehabilitation. In addition to the historic title of “Provider of the Imperial Court in Vienna”, we can pride ourselves on the fact that the Befaszczot company is the oldest production plant in Bielsko-Biała, constantly producing the same products.

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